TrueOS Server

    Are you looking for a stable and secure server operating system? TrueOS® provides the proven power and stability of the FreeBSD operating system along with the command line versions of the PC-BSD® suite of utilities for managing users, backups and restores, software, updates, and jails.

TrueOS® Features

Self Healing Filesystem (ZFS)

PC-BSD® uses the ZFS filesystem which is specifically designed to protect your data from corruption. Not only do you get the exceptional data performance of ZFS, but our installer allows you to quickly and easily set up several types of RAID configurations. Some Linux distributions are adding filesystems they claim are "like" ZFS, but rest assured that ZFS has been battle-tested and production-ready in PC-BSD® for several years.

Power with a Little Extra Kick

TrueOS® is a server operating system based on FreeBSD. Rather than having the user build their own environment from FreeBSD which can be time consuming and difficult, TrueOS® features an easy to navigate text menu to make the FreeBSD server setup experience simpler and more achievable. We also include some extra PC-BSD® utilities to help make your life easier after the install.

Security Minded

TrueOS® has all the security and safety of FreeBSD, but with additional support from the PC-BSD® team to make your user and data security easy to manage. TrueOS® includes out of the box support for GELI full-disk encryption, PersonaCrypt encrypted user directories. For additional security for the package system, we build our packages with LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL. Rest assured, TrueOS® has your back on security.