PC-BSD® With Lumina Desktop

This release of PC-BSD® refocuses our efforts to make PC-BSD® the safest and most secure desktop out there, and since we are based on FreeBSD we already have a great place to start.  With the addition of our new security based utilities such as PersonaCrypt, Stealth Sessions, and easy-click Tor mode, you can know that your data is safe and sound.  The way it's supposed to be.
PC-BSD® provides an exciting addition to its available desktop environments with the Lumina Desktop Environment.  Lumina is a fast and lightweight desktop environment that focuses on giving you the features you want, but without a huge footprint on your hard drive.  Best of all?  It's fully developed and supported by the PC-BSD® project.
PC-BSD 10.2 Joule Edition was released in August 2015 and is available for direct download from our high-speed CDN service.  We'd love to get your feedback on your experience with PC-BSD®, and how we can improve it further to suit your needs.

PC-BSD® Features

Self Healing Filesystem (ZFS)

PC-BSD® uses the ZFS filesystem which is specifically designed to protect your data from corruption. Not only do you get the exceptional data performance of ZFS, but our installer allows you to quickly and easily set up several types of RAID configurations. Some Linux distributions are adding filesystems they claim are "like" ZFS, but rest assured that ZFS has been battle-tested and production-ready in PC-BSD® for several years.

Simple and Sleek Computing

PC-BSD® is a desktop operating system based on FreeBSD. Rather than having the user build their own environment from FreeBSD, which can be time consuming and difficult, PC-BSD® aims to make the FreeBSD experience easy and achievable for the average "casual" computer user. Whether you need quick access to e-mail or a free and Open Source gaming system, PC-BSD® is the desktop for you!

Security Minded

PC-BSD® has redoubled our efforts to make your user and data security easy to manage. We include out of the box support for GELI full-disk encryption, PersonaCrypt encrypted user directories, anonymous Stealth Sessions, and easy-click Tor mode. For additional security for the package system, we build our packages with LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL. Rest assured, PC-BSD® has your back on security.