PC-BSD with Lumina Desktop

PC-BSD® is open source software, free to modify and improve. We welcome contributions from developers, artists, translators and writers.

Get Involved with Cutting Edge Development

PC-BSD® is actively developed by a multinational development team, community, and volunteer developers, all of whom are part of the PC-BSD® team as a whole.  We work a little differently than some software projects out there.  If you find a bug or problem in the software we want to know about it.  Give us your feedback and become part of the team today.  Find out more information on how you can get involved on this page.

Become a Beta Tester

Having as many people as possible test upcoming versions of PC-BSD® on as many different hardware configurations as possible makes the experience of using PC-BSD® better for everyone. If you have a few hours to spare and are willing to detail any problems you run across, become a PC-BSD® beta tester.

Got Git?!

Are you looking to become a PC-BSD® committer? Developers who want to help improve PC-BSD® are always welcome! If you would like to take part in core development. a good place to get started is by signing up for the developers mailing list. Once you've signed up, feel free to browse through our Github code repository where we store all the PC-BSD® source and utilities.

Report Bugs / Request Features

If you need to report a bug or thought up an awesome new feature for PC-BSD® you can't live without, we'd love to hear what you have to say! Make sure to setup an account at our Redmine database and tell us about whatever it is you need fixed or added to PC-BSD®. One thing we ask before reporting a ticket is to do a quick google search and see if your problem has been discussed on the forums or bug tracker previously. A developer will assign your ticket and review it, usually within a week.

Help us Spread the Word About how Awesome PC-BSD® is.

Give a Presentation

Put together a talk for a local user group or submit a proposal for an upcoming conference. If your presentation is accepted, let us know and we'll help to spread the word. If you have existing presentations online, send us the URL so we can let others know about your presentation.

Become a Translator

Do you read a language other than English and want to make sure that a localized version of PC-BSD® is available? Check out the PC-BSD® Pootle translations page--it will show which localizations are available and the status of each. Learn more about how to become a translator if you would like to help out.


Are you planning on attending an open source conference or putting together an InstallFest? Let us know and we'll help to spread the word and provide you with DVDs of PC-BSD®, TrueOS®, and FreeNAS® for your event.